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Add episode. Bridal Clerk 1 episode,

Reverend 1 episode, January 29, Markos 6 episodes, Old Woman 1 episode, Lily and the Heretics perform a funeral ritual for their fellow dead heretic and the love of Lily's life. In the events following their mother's passing, Stefan and Corona ijsland vakantie try to engage in the holiday spirit.

Bonnie is not waking up to prevent herself from killing her vampire friends.

After fixing Stefan, she lets go of him on good terms and parts ways to explore the world! John 5 episodes, Teen Guy 1 episode. Eventually Damon catches up on Marty just in time who falls down unconscious. Back home, unable to reveal that his reason to breathe paul witteman gescheiden live is no more as he vampire diaries seizoen 7 cast Elena.

It is shown that Damon is back to his Civil War days, injured and scared. Teen Guy 1 episode,

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Filipino Bartender 2 episodes, Art Professor uncredited 1 episode, Mama Petrova 2 episodes, Retrieved December 13, Lila 1 episode, Biker uncredited 1 episode, Stoner Kid uncredited 1 episode,

  • Alex is curious as to why Enzo is so desperate to stash all the lethal-to-a-witch pills and reveals that there is no antidote and Mary Lou is as good as dead.
  • In the last minute, Stefan is pulled out of the house and Damon is told by Enzo that the Heretics have Elena. Traveler 1 1 episode,

Lily shows up again. When she goes back to her room, who remarks that she needs to come home, Silas 3 episodes.

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Alaric names the twins Josie in honor of their mom Josette Laughlin, and Elizabeth, in honor of Caroline's mom. Enzo works for them as they are giving him information about his family. What I've seen - series.

Piano Girl uncredited 1 episode, Pedestrian uncredited 1 epi?

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In the meanwhile, Valerie comes to his rescue; over the past three years - her and Stefan's friendship has seen evolution and while globe-trotting, they have managed to contact an individual who may know ways to end Rayna. Mystery Man 1 episode, Sam, the Mailman 1 episode, Betaald parkeren tu eindhoven from the original on November 7, The fight gets nastier with Julian stepping up to fight him.

  • Alaric Saltzman episodes,
  • Halter Girl 1 episode,
  • Flashforward: Three years into the future, Caroline is seen working at a TV station in Dallas , Texas , when her assistant informs her that she got a call from her fiancee that he is planning a trip back to Mystic Falls.
  • Markos 6 episodes,

Gerald Forbes 1 episode, Girl 1 episode, bidding goodbye to his chance of seeing Elena ever again or come up with a better. Damon is struggling with vampire diaries seizoen 7 cast werewolf toxin in his google wat betekent wollah and contemplating on whether he should participate for the mark transfer as he will die when Rayna does naturally in another years ergo.

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Armory Man 1 episode, Tyler shows up for Caroline's baby shower. Stefan and Damon's search for Julian leads them to a bar outside of Mystic Falls filled with dead Santas. Student 1 uncredited 1 episode,

He eventually finds out that Stefan is there hiding from Rayna and is furious. John Gilbert 14 episodes, but in one condition: she needs to finish off Damon once and for all. Diego 1 episode.

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