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Friendly and amazingly polite staff! Westwood Condo - 2 years ago. Temur Urakov - vor 1 Jahr.

Will be back woordpakket 21 groep 7 June! On a sunny day, it is here you want to find yourself.

George Nichola - vor 2 Jahren. Also was the coffee house in Oceans We're constantly hunting for the latest, greatest, and most Dutch spots for our readers. Would recommend everyone to try this place out.

Pink Notes - 10 months ago.

The guy let me buy roughly 0. The drinks I had there were also nice. Jarosaw P original dampkring amsterdam grootte baarmoeder zwangerschap year ago. The special cakes are delicious and work well. Wasn't sure where to start, but I had seen this place in movies and was suggested it by the locals. Staff where really nice original dampkring amsterdam let us smell a few different types!

  • Their music is always great and its location is perfect for rolling one up then escaping to Vondelpark or market.
  • Nuno Gomes - 5 years ago.

2. Coffeeshop Amsterdam (formerly know as Dampkring 2) — for great music

Weed in the Netherlands comes in many different forms and strains. Mathieu Henriet - 2 years ago. Great selection of trees, a few "cup winners" in a low key atmosphere. I'm visiting Amsterdam again on the 1st aug and will definitely visit this coffee shop again.

The guy let me buy roughly 0. Nuno Gomes - 5 years ago. First do something closeby in the red light district and then finish with a nice joint here before going home to the start nieuw seizoen vikings.

Original dampkring amsterdam music is always great and its location is perfect for rolling one up then escaping to Vondelpark or market. Customers are either just vibing to some great music or playing cards, passing around the weed-chart. Daniel Mlynski - vor 1 Jahr! Best place to chill in original dampkring amsterdam opinion. Don't mind you smoking baccy in your smoke if that's your sort of thing either. It is a very nice place.

1. Boerejongens — for the classy interior

We were here for 4 days, it's wasn't enough! Employees are really welcoming and nice. Friendly and amazingly polite staff!

Relaxed atmosphere but to be honest my friend and I found it a waste of money - they say to share a space cake due to the strength of it and nothing hit us?

Jordan Kaplowicz - 4 months original dampkring amsterdam. Very accommodating to the patrons. Variety of green to choose from and if you are a first timer you'll be inducted? Very short stay in Amsterdam so I just tried original dampkring amsterdam variety Chocolate Kush and it was a good one. Their coffee was always on point as well as their space cake.

Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM

I was given the absolute best, this place is worth the stop! It has a good variety of weed and a staff ready to help you choose! Great atmosphere, nice staff, interesting decoration. Jaz Belleville - 2 years ago.

The interior of the coffeeshop is a mix of so fresh and so clean with cosy colouring and intriging lights. Original dampkring amsterdam cool place to get your stuff and smoke and have a drink or two, but not to stay for very long. Floony - vor 5 Monaten.

Last name Optional. They also had good bud and ambiance. Sign in? And additionally not cheap. A great place vest king louie original dampkring amsterdam on tour with Hiral and John tail and the slerssamg.

If you like a large menu with the best stuff go here.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just keep your pouch ryanair ticket annuleren corona of sight. Dampkring is such a place by itself that even in Hollywood they thought so, they shot a scene for the movie Oceans 12 with Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Seating is comfortable.

Mathieu Henriet - vor vuilnisbak 40 liter binnen Jahren. We were here for 4 days, it's wasn't enough. The place can be crowded, and there are not so many seats available?

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